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[ss_testimonials_slider] [ss_testimonial name=” Tamy C.” desc=”Yelp”]Vijay’s is great! The service is fast and professional.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Pedro A. G.” desc=”Yelp”]What else can I say, other than genius work.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Carol L.” desc=”Yelp”]The quality of workmanship is excellent. The customer service was over the top.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Alexis B.” desc=”Yelp”]I highly recommend this place. I’ve tried many platers, and he is definitely the best.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Alexis B.” desc=”Yelp”]I’ve taken many pieces to there and all of them come back looking great every time- Vijay makes sure of it.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Lidia E.” desc=”Yelp”]Vijay has always been really good to us … he is always really knowledgeable about his work and delivers a beautiful product.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Paula B.” desc=”Yelp”]Everything was done quickly and perfectly. Beautiful job. [/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Alex W.” desc=”Yelp”]Vijay went above and beyond and delivered an absolutely perfect ring. It would’ve taken anyone else weeks to get what Vijay got done in a matter of days.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Rohini S.” desc=”Yelp”]Great customer service![/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Penelope V.” desc=”Yelp”]It is refreshing to see someone like Vijay answer the questions I have and just overall rock it out.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Gaurav. P” desc=”Yelp”]Great turnaround time and great service.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Artemia P.” desc=”Yelp”]Vijay and Hugo offer exceptional customer service and take pride in giving their clients their best work.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”David C.” desc=”Yelp”]What I like about Vijay is that he is realistic. He knows exactly what can be done and what cannot be done.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Deana N.” desc=”Yelp”]Not only are these guys extremely courteous, they actually get the job done.[/ss_testimonial] [ss_testimonial name=”Diane B.” desc=”Yelp”]The service was outstanding.[/ss_testimonial][/ss_testimonials_slider]

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