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Vijay has always been really good to us, we do a lot of specialty jewelry with stones and he is always really knowledgeable about his work and delivers a beautiful product. One of the only jewelers to use a special plating technique that is very hard to find in the district, that looks much better than other plating techniques and lasts longer. If you want a good product and customer service go see Vijay! Lidia E. | Yelp

My husband brought in bathroom faucet, handles, parts that needed to be gilded that have faded due to age. Everything was done quickly and perfectly. Beautiful job. Highly, highly recommend this place. Nice guy too! He’s a total professional. By the way, I found him on the internet. Paula B. | Yelp

I wish I could rate more than 5 stars! I needed a ring made from scratch in a week. Vijay went above and beyond and delivered an absolutely perfect ring. It would’ve taken anyone else weeks to get what vijay got done in a matter of days. I highly recommend Vijay’s House of Polishing! Alex W. | Yelp

Vijay’s took a pair of my matsuda eyewear (finished in rose gold) and plated them in white gold, transforming them into something ageless and classical. They look flawless. Thanks to Vijay’s, I expect to wear them for a lifetime without  their going out of style.  Thomas Jay G. | Yelp

Great customer service! I went to get some silver jewelry polished. They did a very good job and gave me great tips about storing and cleaning the jewelry myself! Rohini S. | Yelp

I have nothing but positive things to say about Vijay he’s an extremely pleasant person to deal with and the service I asked for was done excellently. As a student in the field we cherish those individuals on 47th st who are kind to us, many people aren’t nice to jewelry students and so it is refreshing to see someone like Vijay answer the questions I have and just overall rock it out.
I got a color coating service to turn an earring assignment of mine a light baby pink. It’s done over sterling and he told me depending on the color of the metal the outcome may be different so if you come for the same service (perma crystal coating) and you’d like an exact color match use white metal. He also did a very nice polish for me and as I said I’m happy with the outcome. Penelope V. | Yelp

Vijay’s is great! The service is fast and professional. I needed an engagement ring plated and polished and he got it done in a half hour and for much less than bigger brands such as Zales or Kay’s. I would definitely recommend this business and will go there again for my jewelry needs. Tamy C. | Yelp

Vijay is great- he and his employees really know what they’re doing. I’ve taken many pieces to there and all of them come back looking great every time- Vijay makes sure of it. He’s very helpful. I go to Vijay’s predominantly for plating. He is very flexible and can tailor the plating to your needs. He does micron plating, and he also can do a two-step process with flash plating where he applies a protective layer of rhodium first. This is a nice budget option if you don’t want to do the micron plating. Plus, I recently had him lacquer a top “clear coat” layer to further protect the plating. I plan on using this in the future to protect my silver pieces from oxidizing too quickly. I highly recommend this place. I’ve tried many platers, and he is definitely the best. Alexis B. | Yelp

Got my earrings 2-step rhodium plated, great turn around time and great service. Gaurav P. | Yelp

Vijay and Hugo offer exceptional customer service and take pride in giving their clients their best work. They offer luxury quality micron plating and highly detailed polishing. I highly recommend them. Artemia P. | Yelp

What I like about Vijay is that he is realistic. He knows exactly what can be done and what cannot be done. But rest assure he will use every tool in at his disposal to make your piece look amazing. My only complaint was the fellow who does the laser work up front. Trust me, ask to speak with Vijay directly and you will not be disappointed. David C. | Yelp

Vijay does a great job. I was having a hard time finding someone who did micron plating in the city. He does this and much more. He has customized pieces for me and taught me all about the process he uses. He gets things done quickly and it is always a pleasure to see him. Jessica H. | Yelp

Great customer service! I found Vijay’s House of Polishing online while traveling to NYC. Vijay polished and re-plated rhodium on my wedding band and it looks brand new again! Would definitely go back when the time comes again. Eddie W. | Yelp

I ordered a stainless steel skull necklace online, which had a great price, but it was too long and the arrangement was backward for my taste. I wasn’t interested in something generic to wear, I wanted something special.
I came across Vijay’s Jewelry polishing service by looking up what I was looking for online. I contacted Vijay by email, who was very helpful and specific in his response. I went over to his shop and gave him my skull necklace for repair, this type of work usually takes a long time but VJ was able to get it done by the next day with reasonable pricing.
Hold on I’m not finished!! Sometime after I left my piece with VJ, I decided and concluded I needed the entire piece Rhodium plated. Now this is very complicated for this type of chain, considering the piece had black areas to give the skulls their distinctive looks. VJ would have to fully plate the piece, and then perform antiquing to restore the black, as well as polish the piece as needed – no problem for him. I left VJ the chain an extra day given the short notice. What else can I say, other than genius work. Would definitely do business again if I need to. Pedro A. G. | Yelp

What service! The cost was reasonable, the service prompt, and they even sent it to me for a small fee. The quality of workmanship is excellent. The customer service was over the top, with two follow up emails. Highly recommended…it gets no better than this! Carol L. | Yelp

The plating of a jade ring I had was ruined by a cleaning solution. At first, I emailed Greenwich Jewelers for help, and told them what happened. I was told to make an appointment and come in, which I did. After being ignored for twenty minutes and then being told abruptly that nothing could be done, I reached out to Vijay, and what a difference! Not only are these guys extremely courteous, they actually get the job done. My ring was replated and looks fabulous, and they did it all within the same day. Can’t ask for much more! Deanna N. | Yelp

The service was outstanding. I will be continuing to bring my silver jewelry there for polishing. Diane B. | Yelp