What can we do for you?

Specializing in jewelry, precious metals, and custom items you may wish to develop using our
specialized techniques, our goal is to truly enhance the aesthetic of your piece.



We provide sprew removal, magnetic tumbling and pre-polish prior to setting for finished pieces. We carry out all the necessary steps to provide the best polished finish to create a beautiful piece


We offer a wide variety of metal plating from 14k-24k Gold. Rose Gold, Colored plating and Micron Plating.


We offer Perma-Crystal Coating & Transparent Perma-Crystal Coating. Bonding colored crystals onto metals in order to create a unique spectrum of colors.

Special Orders

Our services are not limited to watches and jewelry. We also specialize in the plating of unique items: Belts, statues, metal handbags and much more.

What are people saying about us?

Vijay’s is great! The service is fast and professional.

- Tamy C., Yelp

What else can I say, other than genius work.

- Pedro A. G., Yelp

The quality of workmanship is excellent. The customer service was over the top.

- Carol L., Yelp

I highly recommend this place. I’ve tried many platers, and he is definitely the best.

- Alexis B., Yelp

I’ve taken many pieces to there and all of them come back looking great every time- Vijay makes sure of it.

- Alexis B., Yelp

Vijay has always been really good to us … he is always really knowledgeable about his work and delivers a beautiful product.

- Lidia E., Yelp

Everything was done quickly and perfectly. Beautiful job.

- Paula B., Yelp

Vijay went above and beyond and delivered an absolutely perfect ring. It would’ve taken anyone else weeks to get what Vijay got done in a matter of days.

- Alex W., Yelp

Great customer service!

- Rohini S., Yelp

It is refreshing to see someone like Vijay answer the questions I have and just overall rock it out.

- Penelope V., Yelp

Great turnaround time and great service.

- Gaurav. P, Yelp

Vijay and Hugo offer exceptional customer service and take pride in giving their clients their best work.

- Artemia P., Yelp

What I like about Vijay is that he is realistic. He knows exactly what can be done and what cannot be done.

- David C., Yelp

Not only are these guys extremely courteous, they actually get the job done.

- Deana N., Yelp

The service was outstanding.

- Diane B., Yelp

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In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, our shop will be closed until further notice to: We can still answer questions & provide quotes via email info@vijays.nyc